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4 Ways to Transfer iPhone data to OnePlus 7T (Pro)

Founded by Liu Zuohu—the former deputy general manager of OPPO, OnePlus is one of the major smartphone brand. OnePlus was favorably reviewed by customers all over the world for its outstanding functions and high cost-performance. Last year, OnePlus got a score of 9.4 in a poll started by PC Magazine, a well-known IT magazine in the United States, owning the largest evaluation laboratory in the IT media circle. Recently, OnePlus launched its OnePlus 7T and OnePlus 7T Pro. Following is the technical data of OnePlus 7T and OnePlus 7T Pro.

OnePlus 7T & OnePlus 7T Pro

OnePlus 7T

  • Display: 6,55 inch with notch, 2,300 x 1,080 pixels, 90 Hz
  • Camera(rear): 48 megapixels (f/1.6), 12 megapixels (f/2.2, 2x zoom), 16 megapixels (17mm ultra wide-angle)
  • Battery: 3800 mAh battery
  • Internal Storage: 128GB, 256GB
  • OS: Android 10
  • Chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+, Adreno 640
  • Starting Price: 599 euros

OnePlus 7T Pro

  • Display: 6,67 inch, 3,120 x 1,440 pixels, 90 Hz, fullscreen
  • Camera(rear): 48 megapixels (f/1.6), 8 megapixels (f/2.2, 3x zoom), 16 megapixels (17mm ultra wide-angle), Laser Focus
  • Battery: 4.085 mAh battery
  • Internal Storage: 256GB
  • OS: Android 10
  • Chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+, Adreno 640
  • Starting Price: 759 euros

Apparently, both OnePlus 7T and OnePlus 7T Pro are good choices for you, if you’re going to change a new mobile phone. If you used to be an iPhone user, and you buy a new OnePlus phone now. How can we transfer everything from an old iPhone to the new OnePlus 7T (Pro)? This tutorial will introduce four different methods to you. Let’s see together!

new OnePlus 7T Pro

Method 1. Transfer iPhone data to OnePlus 7T (Pro) Selectively

For the high security of iOS system, we’re never easy to change data on our iPhone. Because of this, effective mobile tools can save our energy and time. Among them, Syncios Mobile Manager is your best choice for its multiple functions, simple operation and timely technical support. With the tool, you can not only backup, edit and manage your media files on your old iPhone or new OnePlus 7T (Pro) but also transfer your iPhone data to OnePlus 7T (Pro). Now let’s start.

Step 1 First of all, download and install Syncios Mobile Manager

Win Version

Step 2 Launch the software and then connect your iPhone to the computer.

Please enable debugging mode on your OnePlus 7T!
(If you encounter any other detection problems, find tutorial 1; If you encounter any other iOS devices detection problems, find tutorial 2.)

Step 3 As you can see, there are five options—Media, Photos, Ebook, Apps and Information under your iPhone. Press ‘Information’ option, then you can find the screenshot below. Contacts, Notes, Bookmarks, Messages and anything else you can see on the top panel of the interface are all available for us to transfer.

transfer iPhone 8 messages to pc

Step 4If you’re going to transfer messages, just pick some of the messages or check ‘Content’ option to pick all the messages. Then press ‘Messages’ > ‘Backup’ > ’Browse for Computer’ > ‘Target folder’ > ‘OK’. Finally, click ‘Backup’ option and the messages will be transferred from your iPhone to your PC.

Step 5Connect your OnePlus 7T to computer. Then you can see SMS option under your OnePlus 7T device. Click ‘SMS’ > ‘Recover’ option to open a pop-up window. Find your iPhone 8 device in the list. Pick it and press ‘Next’ option to recover messages of your iPhone 8 from computer to your OnePlus 7T. (Other data are the same way.)

recover iPhone 8 messages to oneplus-7t

Method 2. One-Click transfer data from iPhone to OnePlus 7T (Pro)

If you want to transfer your data from iPhone to your OnePlus 7T (Pro) as soon as possible and don’t need to preview them, Syncios Data Transfer can help you make it on one-click, which is an effective solution for transferring mobile content.

Step 1 Download and install our Syncios Data Transfer.

Win Version
Mac Version

Step 2 Launch Syncios Data Transfer at first. Next, connect both your iPhone and OnePlus 7T to the computer. (Your target phone should be put on the right, and if the position is incorrect, please change it with the 'exchange button' button manually.) Click 'Next' option to the screenshot below. As you can see, 'Select All' is the default option. Therefore, directly press 'Next' > 'OK' option to transfer all the data to your OnePlus 7T.

Please don’t disconnect your device until complete.

transfer data to OnePlus on one click

You can also learn from a video tutorial:

Method 3. Transfer Data to OnePlus 7T (Pro) from iTunes Backup

iTunes was launched by Apple at Macworld Expo on January 10, 2001. It was initially used for MP3 music playing and then gradually evolved into a software for managing and playing music videos. If you’ve been an iOS user for a long period, you will be very familiar with it. So if we have backed up iPhone data via iTunes before, how can we transfer data to new OnePlus 7T from iTunes backup?

Step 1 Firstly, download iTunes from Apple official website and sign in your Apple ID to backup data from iTunes to the PC. Then, open Syncios Data Transfer, which will detect and load phone data automatically, if you've backed up certain iOS device on your computer.

Step 2 Find and press ‘Restore’ option on the left panel of Syncios Data Transfer interface, and then press ‘iTunes Backup’ option to find a pop-up window where all the devices will be listed in. Pick your iPhone 8 device and click ‘OK’ option to transfer your data to OnePlus 7T.

transfer iPhone data from iTunes backup

Method 4. Transfer Data to OnePlus 7T (Pro) from iCloud Backup

iCloud is always suitable for iOS users who have ever suffered from insufficient memory for it can copy and backup data from more than one phones simultaneously. Now let’s see how to transfer data to OnePlus 7T from iCloud backup with powerful Syncios Data Transfer.

Step 1 Click ‘iCloud Backup’ option, Next, a pop-window will appear which let you to log in your iCloud ID. Syncios will automatically scan the available devices. Pick your iPhone and press ‘Download’ to the following page.

transfer OnePlus data from icloud

Step 2 As you can see, data are mainly divided into three types: Media, Information and Other. Check what you want to transfer and press ‘Next’ to transfer data to OnePlus 7T.


Now you know how to transfer everything from an old iPhone to the new OnePlus 7T (Pro). There are four ways for us to transfer. You can transfer data selectively with Syncios Mobile Manager. And it is worth mentioning that Syncios Manager is also a free video downloader and handy ringtone maker for your OnePlus phone. What’s more, you can choose to transfer on one-click, transfer from iTunes Backup or iCloud Backup with our efficient Syncios Data Transfer. Have a try now!

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4 Ways to Transfer iPhone data to OnePlus 7T (Pro)

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