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Transfer Contacts, Messages, Music, Call Logs to Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Samsung’s new phablet and second flagship smartphone for 2016 is finally here. For months on end we’ve been seeing reports and rumors about the Note 7, which oddly isn’t called the Note 6. Turns out almost everything was correct, and that isn’t a bad thing. The biggest highlight of the Galaxy Note 7 is its iris scanner, and it is the first smartphone from Samsung with such a feature. To recall, the Galaxy Tab Iris tablet was the first Samsung device with the iris scanner feature. Much like previous Galaxy Note phones, the Galaxy Note 7 features the S Pen stylus, which is now new and improved.

Note: Since the dreadful tragedies happened with Samsung Galaxy Note 7, we suggest you switch from Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to iPhone 7 or other Android devices temporarily.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 review

How to Directly Transfer Data from Old Phone to Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The One-Click Data Transfer tool works for both Android & iOS devices. Follow these quick steps to transfer your data safely and easily, including contacts, messages, call history, photos, videos, songs, bookmarks and so on.

Step 1 : Install and Run Mobile Data Transfer

Connect your both your old phone and Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to your computer and launch the Syncios Data Transfer (don't forget to open the USB debugging mode). You will see the main screen shows connecting devices is required.

There are 3 modes: Phone to Phone Transfer, Phone to PC Backup, Pc to Mobile Restore. Click the "Start" button under Phone to Phone Transfer mode. Then it will display the the backup list.

This phone to phone data transfer tool works on Windows and Mac OSX with good support for the latest version, you can choose the right version according to your computer OS.

DownloadDownload data transfer mac

iPhone to Samsung Galaxy Note 7 transfer

Step 2 : Transfer Old Phone Data to Samsung Galaxy Note 7

It will be just a second before the program recognize them. Make sure your source phone is on the left side while Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on the right. If not, click "Flip" to exchange the source device and target device.

On the middle panel, check data (contacts, text messages, call logs, photos, music, videos, apps, calendars, bookmarks) to transfer from old phone to new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 as your will. Press the blue button "Start Copy" and the details will be shown in the interface. After a while, all of conetent will be saved on your Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Note: You can check the supported contents for Android-to-Android-transfer or iOS-to-Android-transfer here.

transfer data from iphone to Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Android mobile manager


Q: I already have Smart Switch, why do I need Syncios Data Transfer?

Features Samsung Smart Switch Syncios Data Transfer
What can they transfer from iPhone to Samsung? Photos, Contacts, Videos, Music, Notes, Calendar, Bookmarks, Messages Photos; DCIM Photos, Contacts, Videos, Music, Bookmarks, Messages, Call logs,
How do they transfer? 1. First you will need to back up your iPhone to iTunes;
2. Set up and launch Smart Switch on your computer;
3. Connect your Samsung to PC;
4. Locate and select iTunes backups to transfer to Samsung and click Start Transfer.
1. Install and open Syncios on PC;
2. Connect both iPhone and Samsung to PC;
3.Select data to transfer and click Start Copy.
One-Way or two-way transfer? Only iOS/Android-to-Samsung available iOS-to-Android; Android-to-Android;
iOS-to-iOS; Android-to-iOS Transfer
Supported device Transfer to Samsung only Supports all kinds of iOS & Android Phones/tablets
Supported OS Windows / Mac Windows / Mac
iTunes needed? Use iTunes as intermediate No needed

Q: What about the Samsung Kies software? Can I use that to sync messages to my Samsung Galaxy Note 7?

The KIES 3 software is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, however it will not support Win 10 system as Syncios does.

Q: Why is my computer not detecting my phone?

Make sure the USB drivers for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is installed on your computer successfully. Try to use the USB cable included with your device and turn on the USB debugging mode on your deivce.

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Transfer Old Phone Data to Samsung Galaxy Note 7

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