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3 Ways to Backup and Restore OnePlus 6T

Not many people taking phone backups seriously for their OnePlus device. Most people think that they only need to do a backup of their device if there's danger of it being stolen or lost. A lot of users have the mentality that if they're careful with their phones, they won't need to backup anything. That's a big mistake. There's always the possibility of a virus infecting your device and wiping or corrupting everything, or it could be water-damaged by accident. It might also be damaged by someone dropping it, sitting on it, etc.

There are some great tools that can handle backup and restore for Android as well as iOS devices, and we've outlined three of the best. One is free with limited functionality, and the other is a premium utility that goes above and beyond what it's designed to do. In following guide, we will introduce you two methods to back up OnePlus 6T and restore them easily.

Solution 1: Backup and Restore Data via Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the most popular cloud storage solutions. It offers every Android user the opportunity to backup data on the phone to its remote server for free. It is a really handy service that allow you to back up your smartphone and access your files from anywhere around the world. Here's how Google drive is used to transfer your smartphones data to online server.

Backup OnePlus via Google Drive

Step 1. Tap on Menu and launch Google Drive application on your phone and make sure you are signed in using your Google account.

Step 2. Now, go to "Settings" and tap on "Privacy".

Step 3. Check the options for "Back up my settings" and "Automatic Restore" and do make sure that your Google account is visible on the options.

Step 4. Then, simply go to Settings followed by Account & Sync and sync your smartphone with your Google account.

Step 5. Touch OK.

Step 6. Touch BACK UP NOW to complete.

Warning: Only multimedia files can be uploaded by using this method. SMS, contacts, notes can't be backed up in your Google Drive account.

Solution 2: Backup and Restore Data via OnePlus Mobile Manager

If you want to back up your multimedia files along with SMS, contacts, call logs, apps, then you should find another solution like Syncios OnePlus Assistant to replace Google Drive. This program allows you to back up your entire OnePlus 6T smartphone or individual data as you want. The data will be saved on your PC and you can restore the files from later when you need them. Syncios OnePlus Manager is a real powerful tool that can handle your entire OnePlus 5 from computer. Currently, it is only supported in Windows and soon it should add more supported OS with the latest update.

Way 1 - Export & Import: With the Export feature, OnePlus Data Manager allows you to backup anything as you wanted from OnePlus phones to the computer after previewing, including files saved in the internal memory like contacts and messages, and files saved in the external SD card like music, photos, videos, movies, apps, and etc. In addition, with the Import feature, you can also use this software to sync files from the computer to OnePlus devices if needed and wanted.

Way 2 - One-click Backup & Restore: More conveniently, with the One-click Backup & Restore feature (only for Ultimate version), you can quickly backup everything you need from OnePlus to computer with one click, and also restore the backup files to OnePlus device with one click. Also you can choose the files type you want to backup or restore before backing up or restoring. And you are free to create multiple backup files for one OnePlus phone while you are free to restore any backup files to any Android phone, too. Most importantly, while restoring backup file to OnePlus phone, it won't delete the existing data on your OnePlus device unlike the built-in Backup & Restore feature of OnePlus phone.

Way 1: Selectively Backup & Restore OnePlus Phones with Syncios Manager Free

With the Import and Export feature, you can selectively backup and restore the OnePlus data you want for your device after preview and selection. You can refer to the instructions as below to backup or restore your device.

Step 1 : To start with, open the installed OnePlus Data Manager on the computer and then get your OnePlus device connected to the computer via the USB cable. For the first time you connect your OnePlus phone to this program, you might need to follow the onscreen prompt to turn on the debugging mode on your phone. Thus the program will be able to detect your phone and next time the program will automatically recognize your phone. After your OnePlus 6T device is successfully detected, you can see: Apps, Contact, SMS, Media (including Music and Videos), Photos on the left list. You can choose an option and preview more details.

OnePlus 6T mobile manager

Step 2 : Syncios Manager allows you to backup files from Note 9 to computer selectively, including apps, SMS, photos, videos, music and more. While previewing, you can pick out the files you want to backup to the computer. Then just click on "Export/Backup" option to transfer files from OnePlus phone to the computer as a backup. When you unfortunately lose important files from OnePlus devices, you can easily restore OnePlus device from the phone backup by clicking "Import/Restore/Add" option.

backup OnePlus 6T messages

Backup and Restore SMS/Contacts: To backup messages/contacts from OnePlus 6T to computer, simply click "SMS/Contacts" on the left list, Syncios will display all your messages/Contacts, choose your messages/contacts and click "Backup" button, set up the backup path and tap "Backup". Click "Recover" button, Syncios will show you all the backups you made by Syncios OnePlus Manager, choose the one you want and recover to your OnePlus 6T or other phones.

TIPS: "Backup" allows you to backup messages as xml file, "Export" allows you to backup messages as html file (recommend).

Backup and Restore Apps: To backup apps from OnePlus 6T to computer, simply click "Apps" on the left list, Syncios will display all the apps you have downloaded and system apps (click the blue button on the top-right corner to switch to system apps), choose your apps and click "Backup" button, set up the backup path and tap "Backup", your apps will be saved as apk files on your computer. Click "Add" button to recover apps from computer to your OnePlus 6T.

transfer data to OnePlus 6T

Backup and Restore Music/Videos: To backup songs from OnePlus 6T to computer, simply click "Media" on the left list, Syncios will display all the music or videos files you have, choose your music/video and click "Export" button, set up the backup path and tap "Export", your songs will be transferred to your computer. Click "Add" button, you will see two options "Add file" and "Add folder" which can help you transfer music/video files or folders from computer to OnePlus 6T easily.

TIPS: you can click Media, find Video button icon the on the top-right corner, click Video button to preview and backup your videos.

Backup and Restore Photos: To backup photos from OnePlus 6T to computer, then you can click Photos. On the Album list interface, press "Export" button to transfer photo album to computer. Click "Add" button, you will see two options "Add file" and "Add folder" which can help you transfer photos or folders from computer to OnePlus 6T with ease. Or you can choose an album, double click to preview details. Similarly, click "Import" to transfer photos from computer to this album.

TIPS: hold on CTRL/SHIFT to select files in bulk. Drag and drop is also available for this handy tool.

transfer data to OnePlus 6T

Way 2: 1-Click Backup & Restore OnePlus Data with Syncios Manager Ultimate

With the 1 Click Backup & Restore feature, Syncios Manager Ultimate also allows you to backup all data with one click and restore data to any Android phone like OnePlus from previous backup file with one click. Also you can choose the file types that you want to backup or restore for your OnePlus phone. Thus you don't need to back up or retrieve OnePlus files one by one.

Step 1 Download Syncios OnePlus Manager and install it on your computer. Open it and connect your OnePlus 6T to computer. Click "Data Transfer" on main interface or under Toolkit. Three modes will be displayed on the homepage: Transfer, Backup and Restore.

Syncios OnePlus Manager Ultimate

Step 2To backup OnePlus 6T, we need to select Backup section. You can see the free storage space of the default save path, and you can also free to change a path by yourself. Click on Next button to continue.

Syncios OnePlus Manager Ultimate

Step 3 All data of your OnePlus 6T is divided into three types: Media, Information and Other. You can choose items you'd like to backup and click on Next option to load. Tap on Next option again, and after a while, all data of OnePlus 6T will be backed up to your computer.

save OnePlus 6T data to PC

Step 4 If you need to restore the data to your OnePlus 6T, go to Restore module of the program. You’re allowed to restore data from PC, iTunes backup, iCloud backup and iTunes library. Click on Syncios Backup to launch a pop up window. Then select the previous backup on the checkbox listed on the panel. Click OK to choose items you'd like to restore, then click on Next, before long, all data will be restored to your device successfully.

restore OnePlus 6T from PC

This OnePlus Manager Ultimate also allows you to transfer data directly from phone to phone, and even restore iTunes or iCloud backup to your new OnePlus 6T device. If you have many music on iTunes, you can also transfer your songs to OnePlus 6T via this handy Mobile Assistant.

Solution 3. Backup OnePlus 6T All Data to SD Card

Backup OnePlus phone data to computer is a safe choice, but what should you do if you don't have a computer and urgently need to backup your OnePlus 6T, especially before sell or switch your phones? Backup all your phone files to an external SD card should be the best answer for you. Syncios for Android is usually considered as a connection tool between PC and Android phone when using Syncios. However, it also affords another function - a phone management tool. It does a pretty job in making a backup of Android contents including SMS, bookmarks, call logs, contacts, audio, photos, DCIM photos and videos on Android device: backing up Android data to Dropbox and backing up Android contents to SD card. In this article, we will show you how to backup OnePlus 6T contents to SD Card via Syncios for Android.

After you've installed Syncios Mobile Manager and get your OnePlus 6T connected to computer, the Syncios App would be installed on your OnePlus 6T automatically. Or you can download apk from here manually if it's failed to download apk automatically.

Step 1. Open Syncios app on your OnePlus 6T to get started. And for a while, Sync-PC and Tools, two options will appear.

Step 2. The Sync-PC page just shows two conditions between Android phone and Syncios when using Syncios on PC, connected and unconnected. But hear for Tools, you'll see five functions are available, including "New Backup", "Restore", "Schedule", "Manage" and "Sync".

Step 3. To backup OnePlus 6T to SD card, we go to New Backup option. And if you need to restore them from SD card, we go to Restore button to recover backups from SD card. And please make sure you have authorized Syncios to read your phone before copy.

To Backup OnePlus 6T to SD Card

To Restore OnePlus 6T from SD Card

Words in the End:

To avoid any kind of data loss, it is suggested that you backup your smartphones regularly on a monthly basis. Syncios Android Manager can help you to back up often as many times as you want and as often as you can. The ability to control your smartphone from PC is a dream come true. Now, you have 3 different ways to backup and restore OnePlus 6T phone. You can choose one of them to backup or restore files for OnePlus phone or any iPhone or Android phones. Personally, I think that, with this OnePlus Manager Ultimate, OnePlus backup & restore cannot be easier! So if this is exactly what you are looking for, then why are you still hesitating?