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How to Transfer Old Phone Data to Xiaomi Mi 5s

Xiaomi unveiled the Xiaomi Mi 5s at the China Nation Convention Center in Beijing on 27, September. Xiaomi Mi 5s is truly a performance beast, the Snapdragon 821 chipset could be backed with 4 GB RAM while the Mi 5s plus is even bigger of 6GB. Antutu, a tool used to give an indication of smartphone performance, which gives Xiaomi Mi 5s a score of 164119, far exceeds the highest performing previously Android handset OnePlus 3, score of 140288. Mi 5s comes with a 3,490 mAh battery, 490 mAh bigger than the Mi 5, and Mi 5s Plus comes with a 3,800 mAh battery. Besides, one more special spec of Mi 5s is the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, and Mi 5s Plus ships with a dual camera system.

As well know, Xiaomi devices always come in lower price than other flagships even if shipped with similar specs, the Xiaomi Mi 5s 4 GB / 64 GB only priced at 2,000 Yuan (about $300) and the Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus 4 GB / 64 GB version comes in at 2,299 Yuan (around $350). If you are impressed by its powerful performance but low price and decided to switch to a Xiaomi Mi 5s or 5s plus, then this tutorial helps you to move all your data from your old phone to the new Xiaomi Mi 5s/5s Plus.

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How to transfer data from old phone to Xiaomi Mi 5s

Before moving all your data from your old phone to the new Xiaomi Mi 5s, we sincerely recommend this comprehensive data transfer tool to you: Syncios Data transfer. This handy tool allows you to transfer all your content such as contacts, call logs, messages, photos, music, videos, etc from one phone to another, support cross platforms as well. Simply download and install it on your computer, both Windows version and Mac version are available. Then follow the steps below to transfer all your data to the new Xiaomi Mi 5s effertlessly.


Step 1.Connect your old phone and Xiaomi Mi 5s to computer and run Syncios Data Transfer

  • Download and install the compatible version of Syncios Data Transfer Program on your computer .
  • Connect both of your old phone and Xiaomi Mi 5s to computer via USB cables and launch Samsung Data Transfer Program.
  • Click on "Start" button under Phone to Phone Transfer" module.

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Step 2 : Transfer Data from your old phone to Xiaomi Mi 5s

  • Select the contents you'd like to move to your new Xiaomi Mi 5s after Syncios successfully loading your data.
  • Press the blue button "Start Copy" after ticking off all the contents you like to backup. After a while, all of the data will be transferred to your new Xiaomi Mi 5s.

Note: Please ensure that both of your phones were connected well with the computer in case of unknown error occured.

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recommend Why choose Syncios Data Transfer?

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With sleek interface and no complex steps, only 1 click, it switches all data from phone to phone. It transfers up to 12 types of data - apps, SMS, contacts, calendar, call logs, music, video photos and iTunes playlist to your iOS & Android devices. Supports synchronizing all Android phones, including HTC, Sony, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Google, HUAWEI, Lenovo, etc. Easily transfer data between Android phones with cross phone carriers: AT&T, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, etc.


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Transfer old phone data to Xiaomi Mi 5s

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