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4 Ways to Transfer Data to Moto G8 Plus/G8 Play

As we all know, Lenovo Group of China acquired Motorola's mobile phone business with us $2.9 billion in 2014. And according to PhoneArena (a mobile information website), the shipments of smartphones have declined globally for recent years. However, it is worth mentioning that Motorola's market share was cheerful, which has increased from 4% to 8%.

This result benefits from Moto G series and Moto E series mobile phones which are targeted at the low-end market. Moto G8 Plus and Moto G8 Play were launched yesterday. Moto G8 plus is equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 665 processor, 4GB memory and 64GB internal storage space. G8 play and G8 plus are basically the same. In a word, they will be phones with high cost performance.

When we change a new Moto G8 Plus or Moto G8 Play, how can we transfer everything to the new Moto G8 Plus or Moto G8 Play? Now we will introduce four good methods to you. And we will take Moto G8 Plus as an example.

new Moto G8 Plus

Method 1. Transfer Data to Moto G8 Plus Selectively

For someone who want to transfer certain content from other phones or computer to your new Moto G8 Plus, multifunctional Syncios Mobile Manager will be your good choice. It can backup, recover, delete and export music files, videos, photos, Apps, contacts, WhatsApp and more between iOS/Android devices and computer. Start to read the detailed steps now!

Transfer data from PC to Moto G8 Plus

Step 1 Firstly, download and install Syncios Mobile Manager. Launch the software and then connect your Moto G8 Plus to the computer.

Win Version


① Please don’t forget to enable debugging mode on your Moto G8 Plus.
If you don’t know how to do that, find this tutorial: How to Enable USB Debugging on Motorola Moto G?
② If your Moto phone still has detection problem, go and find this: How to Fix the Android Device Detection Problem?

Step 2 As you can see, there are five modules: Apps, Contacts, SMS, Media and Photos on the left panel of the interface. If you want to transfer videos from computer to your Moto G8 Plus. Go to Photos module. And you can see the screenshot below. Find and choose ‘Videos’ option on the right panel of the interface. Next, click ‘Import’ > ‘the video’ > ‘Open’. After finishing all the steps above, you can check and watch the video on your Moto phone. (Other types of data are the same way.)

export video from computer to Moto G8 Plus

Transfer data from iPhone to Moto G8 Plus

Step 1 Don't close Syncios Mobile Manager and directly connect your iPhone to the computer. If you encounter any detection problem of your iPhone, refer to the following list. And if your problem still remains, feel free to leave a message in our Facebook to our professional support team and you’ll then get timely technical help for free.

Occasions of iPhone Detection Problem

① Your current iOS should be iOS 5.0+
② Unlock your device’s screen and please authorize the device.
③ Syncios should successfully download necessary files.
④ iTunes related services in your computer should be turned on.
⑤ Install Apple Mobile Device USB Driver properly.
⑥ USB cable or USB port is for normal use.

Step 2There are five modules: Media, Photos, Ebook, Apps and Information under iPhone device on the left panel of the interface now. If you want to transfer messages from iPhone to Moto G8 Plus, Go to Information module. Click ‘Messages’ on the top of the page. Choose the messages that you would like to transfer. Click ‘Backup’ > ‘Browse for Computer’ (change the save path as you like) > ‘Backup’ to save the messages on your computer.

backup iPhone messages to PC

Step 3Now find and click SMS module under your Moto G8 Plus device. And you can see the page below. Click ‘Recover’ > ‘A backup file’ (The file is always named as its date) > ‘OK’ option to finish transferring certain messages from iPhone to Moto G8 Plus. (Other types of data are the same way.)

recover messages from PC to Moto G8 Plus

Method 2. One-Click Transfer Data to Moto G8 Plus

Syncios Data Transfer is the quickest answer for you to transfer almost all data from phone to phone, including contacts, video, SMS, photos, call logs, music and apps. Besides, it help you put aside all fears. With it, you can back up your phone to computer regularly on one-click.

Step 1 Download and install our Syncios Data Transfer.

Win Version
Mac Version

Step 2 First of all, launch Syncios Data Transfer. Next, connect both your iPhone and Moto G8 Plus to the computer. (Your target phone should be put on the right, and if the position is incorrect, please change it with the 'exchange button' button manually.)

Step 3 Click 'Next' option to the screenshot below. As you can see, 'Select All' is the default option. Therefore, directly press 'Next' > 'OK' option to transfer all the data to your Moto G8 Plus.

transfer data to Moto G8 Plus on one click

Please don’t disconnect your device until complete.

Video Tutorial

How to Transfer Data from Other Devices to Moto G8 Plus

Method 3. Transfer Data to Moto G8 Plus from iTunes Backup

If you’ve been an iOS user for a long period, and now you change a new Moto phone. Powerful Syncios Data Transfer can also help you restore data from iTunes backup, which can be in progress without connecting your old iPhone. As long as you’ve ever backed up your iPhone device on your computer, Syncios will load it automatically. What’s more, it’s worth mentioning that if you choose recover data from iTunes backup via Syncios, your original data will not be overwritten.

Step 1 Firstly, download iTunes from Apple official website and sign in your Apple ID to backup data from iTunes to the PC. Then, open Syncios Data Transfer.

Step 2 There are three modules: Transfer, Restore and Backup of this procedure. Find and press ‘Restore’ module on the left panel of the interface, and then press ‘iTunes Backup’ option. You can see a pop-up window display on the page. Just pick your backup file of your iPhone device on the list and click ‘OK’ option to the next step.

transfer iPhone data from iTunes backup

Step 3 Now, click 'Next' option to the next page to choose the types of data you want to transfer. Click ‘Next’ option again to start loading. After loading completely, click ‘Next’ > ‘OK’ option to begin import data to Moto G8 Plus from iTunes backup.

click next to begin data backup to Moto phone

Method 4. Transfer Data to Moto G8 Plus from iCloud Backup

Copying and backing up data from more than one phones simultaneously, iCloud is always a common choice for iOS users who are afraid of insufficient memory. Syncios Data Transfer can also help you transfer data to Moto G8 Plus from iCloud backup.

Step 1 Click ‘iCloud Backup’ option and a pop-window will show up which let you to log in your iCloud ID at first. You will find that Syncios can automatically scan the available devices.

Step 2 Pick your target iPhone device and click ‘Download’ to the following page. From the screenshot below, you can see that data are mainly divided into three types: Media, Information and Other. Check what you want to transfer and click ‘Next’ to transfer data Moto G8 Plus.

transfer data from icloud to Moto G8 Plus


Now you know how to transfer data from other devices to the new Moto G8 Plus/Play. There are four ways available for us to make it. You can transfer data from iPhone or computer selectively via Syncios Mobile Manager. And we should pay attention that Syncios Mobile Manager is also a free video downloader and ringtone maker for your Moto phone. Also, you can choose to transfer data to your Moto phone just on one-click from old phone, from iTunes Backup or from iCloud Backup. All these three methods can be finished with our multifunctional Syncios Data Transfer. Have a try now!

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4 Ways to Transfer Data to Moto G8 Plus/G8 Play

Win Version
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