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How to Transfer Contacts/SMS/Photos/Apps to Vivo V9

At Mobile World Congress, Chinese handset maker Vivo gave a select group of journalists a sleek peek at its ambitious concept device that went for that all-screen look without settling for a notch to house its front-facing camera. But, it was called a "concept device" for a reason, because the phone isn't ready for mass production -- and may never be, due to the ambitious nature of that pop-up camera. Not even a month later, Vivo has launched in Beijing a new (almost) all-screen phone named the V9 that plays it safer -- by settling for that notch.

When you have it, you may need to transfer data from an old iPhone or Android phone to the new vivo V9. The traditional idea is to connect the phone to the computer with USB cable and store the phone data to the computer. Then connect the new vivo V9 to the computer and restore the phone data to it. It is obvious that this method is too complicated. So we can use Syncios Vivo Transfer to get what we want.

tool Syncios Vivo Transfer

Syncios Mobile Transfer is a professional iOS & Android synchronizing tool, which enables you to backup or transfer messages, contacts, call logs, music, video, audio and other files between iOS & Android devices and computer with only few clicks or directly phone-to-phone transfer.

  • Backup phone data and restore in lossless quality.
  • One-click phone-to-phone transfer
  • Sync contents from iTunes or iCloud Backup to devices.
  • Multiple brand phones supported: Apple, Samsung, HTC, Sony, MOTOROLA, LG, HUAWEI, ZTE and more.
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    Solution 1: How to Transfer Data to Vivo V9 by One Click

    This traditional method can help you backup your phone data to PC, then restore to Vivo V9. However, it needs a few steps and supports limited contents. We recommend you use Syncios Data Transfer to directly transfer data from old phone to Vivo V9. The One-Click Data Transfer tool works for both Androif & iOS devices. Follow these quick steps to transfer your data safely and easily, including contacts, messages, call history, photos, videos, songs, bookmarks and so on.

    Step 1 : Install and Run Vivo Data Transfer

    Download and install this handy transfer tool on your PC or Mac according to the computer OS. Connect both your old phone and Vivo V9 to your computer. Make sure you have enabled USB debugging mode on your Vivo device, Syncios will install an android transfer app on your Vivo phone, check your phone and click "allow".

    TIPS: if you have any detection issue, please check our iOS tutorial or Android tutorial to get solutions.

    There are 3 modes: Transfer, Backup, Restore. Click Transfer mode.

     Vivo V9 transfer

    Step 2 : Transfer Data to Vivo V9

    Make sure your source phone is on the left side while Vivo V9 on the right. If not, click "Flip" to exchange the source device and target device. It will be just a second before the program finished loading your phone contents.

    On the middle panel, check data (contacts, text messages, call logs, photos, music, videos, apps, calendars, bookmarks) to transfer from old phone to new Vivo V9 as your will. Press the blue button "Next" and the details will be shown in the interface. After a while, all of conetent will be saved on your Vivo V9.

    TIPS: you can check the supported data from here.

    samsung s6 to Vivo V9 transfer

    Solution 2: How to Transfer Data from iTunes Backup to Vivo V9

    Step 1Download and install Syncios Data Transfer

    This handy Vivo transfer program also allow you to recover data from iTunes backup to your new Vivo V9 device. Just download and launch the iTunes-to-Android-Transfer program after installing successfully. Go to "Restore", select from iTunes Backup module among the four modes on the main interface of the program.

    Win Version
    Mac Version

    recover data from iTunes to Vivo V9

    Step 2Restore iTunes Backup to Vivo V9.

    Your iTunes backups will be listed on the left panel, choose one that you want to restore. Then all data from your iTunes backup file will be displayed in categories on the window. Connect Vivo V9 to Syncios, and make sure your device is well detected by this program.

    Then just select the contents you want to restore (including Contacts, SMS, Call logs, DCIM photos, Pictures and Bookmarks) and click the Start Copy button. After a while, the selected data will be restore back to your Vivo V9.

    Restore iTunes Backup to Vivo V9

    Solution 3: How to Transfer Data from iCloud Backup to Vivo V9

    Step 1Download and install Syncios Data Transfer

    Launch the iCloud-to-Android-Transfer program after installed successfully. You can see four modules on the main interface of the program: Transfer, Restore, Backup. Select Restore module on the homepage and choose "From iCloud Backup".

    Win Version
    Mac Version

    recover data from iCloud to Vivo V9

    Step 2Log in your iCloud account and download a backup.

    Then you need to login your iCloud account. Please make sure to enter the correct Apple ID and passcode. Then Syncios will show a list of your iCloud backup. Just select the proper one for your Vivo V9 and click Download.

    After the downloading process done, please click View or scan the downloaded iCloud backup on the bottom of the downloading window.

    download backup from iCloud

    Step 3 Select contents to recover to Vivo V9

    Then all data from your iCloud backup file will be displayed in categories on the window. Connect your Vivo V9 to Syncios with USB cable, and next time you can also connect your device with WiFi network.

    Now you are able to select Contacts, SMS, Call logs, DCIM photos, Pictures and Bookmarks to restore. Clicking on the Start Copy button to transfer selected data back to your Vivo V9.

    You can learn from a Video Tutorial:

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