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6 Ways to Backup and Restore iOS 14 WhatsApp Data

WhatsApp is free and easy to use for most of the messaging users. By using WhatsApp, you feel convenient to keep in touch with friends. Therefore, some pretty important chats and media saved in that app. You could not afford if you lose all information in there suddenly. It's suggested to make a regular backup to your WhatsApp chats and media attachments in case you need to restore them. It's a best way to avoid data loss. Here's how to do just that!

transfer whatsapp messages to iOS 14

Method 1: Transfer WhatsApp Chats and Attachment from Android/iPhone to iOS 14 hot method

Alright, some folks might ask "what if my WhatsApp messages and attachment are saved in an Android instead of iOS? And how to make it possible to transfer WhatsApp between Android and iOS 14?". Never mind, we are here giving you a safe way. That is Syncios WhatsApp Transfer, which is fully supported to backup and restore WhatsApp from Android and iOS device. So you will be simply to backup and restore the data at your convenient.

Step 1: Download and install Syncios WhatsApp Transfer on your computer.

Step 2:Then run it from Syncios Toolkit by clicking WhatsApp Transfer.

run whatsapp transfer in syncios toolkit

They are four options: 'Transfer WhatsApp between 2 devices', 'Backup WhatsApp', 'Restore WhatsApp from local backup', and the last 'Restore WhatsApp from iTunes backup'.

whatsapp transfer between android and iphone on ios 14

Step 3:Tap 'Transfer WhatsApp between 2 devices' and connect your Android/iPhone and iOS 14 device to your computer with USB cable. As long as it is successfully detected, the screenshot shows like the following image.

transfer iphone whatsapp

Step 4: Then click Transfer to continue. There will be a prompt to let you choose to merge the WhatsApp data or overwrite the data on your iOS 14 device. Pick one and continue.

transfer whatsapp data to iPhone

Note: If you choose to overwrite the data on your iPhone, we suggest you to make a backup at first.

During the transfer, do not disconnect your phone until the process is completed successfully.

transfer whatsapp to iPhone

Method 2: One-Click to Backup and Restore iOS 14 WhatsApp Messages

Syncios Data Transfer is another app of Syncios. It is designed to provide a quick backup and restore to iOS and Android devices. It's a faster solution for backing up phone data to computer.

Syncios Data Transfer

Syncios Data Transfer

yes Backup all phone contents to computer in 1 Click, including WhatsApp data, contacts, SMS, call logs, photos, videos, music and apps.
yes 4 Restore modes: to restore data from iPhone/Android/iTunes/iCloud backup to iOS/Android devices. hot
yes Transfer multiple data from phone to phone in 1 Click. hot
yes Transfer songs or playlists from iTunes Library to an Android phone, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
yes Fully compatible with the latest Android and iOS devices.

Step 1Download and install Syncios Data Transfer

Download the Syncios Data Transfer and install it on your computer. Launch this program from Syncios Toolkit and connect your iOS device to computer. Unlock your device when connecting. You can see there are 3 options on the interface: Transfer, Restore, Backup. If you just need to restore WhatsApp backup from iTunes or iCloud, you can skip head to step 3.

main interface

Step 2Backup WhatsApp on iOS 14

Navigate to Backup mode on the main interface. Set a proper saving path on the lower right. Then click on Next button. You are allowed to choose various types of contents to backup. Just tick off WhatsApp and WhatsApp Attachments check boxes if you only want to backup WhatsApp. Then click on Next to load the selected data. When it's done, click on Next on more time to start the backup process.

backup iOS 14 device whatsapp to pc

Step 3Choose Backup to Restore

One day you want a restore, what should you do? Pretty easy. Open Syncios Data Transfer again then go to Restore mode. Here you are allowed to restore data from Syncios Backup, iTunes backup and iCloud backup. Also, you are able to retrieve songs and videos from iTunes Library.

Choose a way you need to restore backup. Here we choose to restore from Syncios backup. Click on Syncios Backup and you will get a backup list of all previous backups. Choose one backup you need from the list then click on Next to move on.

Step 3Restore WhatsApp on iOS 14

Then click on Next button. Just tick off WhatsApp and WhatsApp Attachments check boxes and click on Next to load the selected data. When it's done, click on Next on more time to start the restore process.

restore whatsapp to iOS 14 device

NOTE: Please note that a large quantity of data to restore will be a little time-consuming. The device needs to be connected all the time and wait patiently until it completes.

Method 3: Backup and Restore iOS 14 WhatsApp Messages via iTunes

When is comes to backup and restore iOS device, iOS users are more inclined to synced data with iTunes and iCloud. Though it will overwrites all data when you restore a backup, but it indeed provides a reliable backup and restore service for part of iOS users since iTunes and iCloud are published by Apple official part. Here we will discuss how to backup and restore WhatsApp messages via iTunes. But if you don't want an overwriting to the existing data on your iOS 14 device, you'd better refer to solution 1 and 2 in this tutorial. Now please continue to read on.

Step 1:Connect iOS Device to PC

Get your iTunes app launched. Connect your iOS 14 device to computer via US connection. A message pops out on your iPhone stating ‘Trust this computer’. Authorize it to proceed with the process. This message ensures authorized access and it will allow further actions to perform between iPhone and PC.

Step 2:Take A iTunes Backup of iOS Device

Go to Account on the top menu bar and enter the right Apple account to avoid authentication issues. In the iTunes platform, identify your device, and tap Summary at the left panel of the screen. Choose your device name and move on.

Below the Backups label select choose This Computer on the left side of the screen. To backup WhatsApp iTunes, you must click the Back up now button at the right side. iTunes will backup your WhatsApp messages to this computer as well as backup other contents.

Step 3:Restore iTunes Backup to iOS Device

Step 2. On the main interface, go to Device Name > Summary > Restore Backup. Then iTunes will start the restore process. But note that the iTunes backup will erase new data on your new iDevice when restoring. So if you need to restore iTunes backup without erasing all existing data, you need to follow method 2 in this article.

backup iphone whatsapp with iTunes

Method 4: Backup and Restore iOS 14 WhatsApp Messages via iCloud

For iPhone users, WhatsApp allows you to back up your conversation with iCloud, which is a great option to save WhatsApp messages. However, if you need to restore your WhatsApp messages back to iPhone or iPad, you need to re-install the WhatsApp app on your iPhone or iPad, then it will give you option to restore the chats from iCloud backup to your iOS device.

Step 1:Turn on iCloud Drive

Firstly, you need to enable iCloud Drive to make sure you can backup WhatsApp chats to iCloud later. Open Settings on iPhone or iPad, tap on your Apple ID on the top, find iCloud, slide down to find iCloud Drive, turn it on, and make sure WhatsApp option is enabled as well.

whatsapp icloud settings

Step 2:Backup iOS Device via iCloud

Open WhatsApp on your iOS device, navigate to Settings > Chats > Chat Backup, and tap on Back Up Now to save your WhatsApp messages to iCloud immediately. You can choose to back up chats automatically daily, weekly or monthly.

whatsapp icloud settings

Step 3:Restore iCloud Backup

To restore the backup back to your iOS device, you need to uninstall WhatsApp from iOS device then re-install the WhatsApp app. you may lose the existing data of WhatsApp. If you are worried, you need to get help from solution 1 and 2 in this article. Open new installed WhatsApp and verify with the same phone number. There will be an option to Restore Chat History, simply tap on it and restore the previous backup back to your iPhone or iPad.

Method 5: Export WhatsApp Conversations from iOS 14 Device

Recently, WhatsApp to a new version which supports to export WhatsApp messages to iPhone build-in apps or third-party apps, such as Notes, Email, Messages and more other apps you installed on your iPhone. Thus, you are capable to view the conversations directly after the exporting. When you need to export these chats to others or print the chats out, you will find this feature is super easy and convenient for WhatsApp users. But the flaw is that you can't restore them back to WhatsApp.

Step 1: Select Chats to Export

Get access to your iOS device. Open WhatsApp on it and tap Chats section, go to the very conversation you want to export. If you left slide this conversation, you will get two options: More and Archive. If you need to export it, choose More.

Step 2:Export and Share WhatsApp Chats

On the pop-up dialog box, tap Export Chat, and here you are allowed to export the chat to Messages, Mail, Notes, Files, and more other apps. Simply choose your desired one and export the chat. And you can choose to export them with or without Media attachments.

export whatsapp messages

Method 6: Backup and Restore iOS 14 WhatsApp Messages Selectively

As one of the most popular messaging services, WhatsApp owns more than a billion of users. You are most likely a WhatsApp user. Keeping in touch with your friends, family, colleagues or boss via WhatsApp makes all WhatsApp chats important. Thus, taking a safe backup of WhatsApp messages is important. In fact, WhatsApp provides an official solution to backup and restore chats on iOS and Android devices. But it will overwrite all existing chats when you restore a backup. We will introduce how it works later. Now we learn how to backup and restore WhatsApp chats without overwriting existing data.

Backing up and restoring WhatsApp chats and media attachments with the help of Syncios Mobile Manager is in no doubt that this is a very convenient solution. Syncios Mobile Manager supports to backup and restore WhatsApp data on iOS devices without any damage to your cell phone or computer.

Step 1Download and Install Syncios Manager

Get this WhatsApp backup and restore tool installed on your computer then we start the first step. Connect your iOS device with computer with its USB cable. Start the program and wait for a successful connection to your iPhone or iPad. Once it's recognized, you will get a content list on the left side. Read this overall tutorial to fix iOS detection issue>>.

Syncios Manager

Syncios Manager

yes Manage photos, videos, music, contacts, apps and etc. between computer and phone devices.
yes Free to download and then edit online videos from most-used websites, like YouTube, Facebook and etc.
yes Make Unique Ringtone for iPhone & Android devices.
yes One-click backup and restore toolkit supports types of phone data.
yes Fully compatible with the latest Android OS and iOS system.

Step 2Backup WhatsApp Messages on Computer

On the content menu bar, go to Information > WhatsApp. All WhatsApp messages will be loaded here. Check all details of all chats and select all or select chats you need then click on Backup to save those selected chats to computer.

backup iOS 14 device whatsapp to pc

Step 3Restore WhatsApp Messages from Computer

When you need to restore backup to any iOS device, just open this program again and navigate to Information > WhatsApp. Then click on recover. You will get a backup list which includes all previous Syncios backup. Choose the backup you need and restore it to your iOS device. It supports to backup and restore WhatsApp of different iOS devices. You can backup an iOS WhatsApp then restore the backup another one. There is no limit.

restore whatsapp to iOS 14 device


In short, if you need to selectively backup and restore WhatsApp messages, get a Syncios Mobile Manager Ultimate. And if you want a faster way to backup all WhatsApp data on iOS device, or restore iTunes backup and iCloud to iOS device without overwriting, get help from Syncios Data Transfer. Most important, if you want for a tool to transfer WhatsApp from Android/iPhone/iTunes, all sources in one way, then Syncios WhatsApp Transfer is a wise option. If you need functions of both apps, get a Syncios Mobile Manager Ultimate.