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How to Transfer Data from Samsung to Moto G7/G7 Play/G7 Power

The Moto G family of phones has a history of being filled with well-considered necessities stamped with an attractive price. Over the past two years, the Moto G5 Plus and Moto G6 showed us just how nice a budget phone can be. And this year's Moto G7 continues in the same direction with a similar body to the Moto G6 and an increased battery life, a faster processor and larger display.

Are you a new Moto user? Or do you want to transfer data from your old Samsung device to Moto G7? This passage will help you much if you keep reading till the end. You can not only use Motorola migrate app to transfer data from Samsung to Moto G7 now! Syncios provides with two useful program, Syncios Data Transfer and Syncios Manager can also sync every Samsung data to Moto G7 without data loss.

migrate samsung data to moto g7

Method 1. One-click Transfer Samsung Data to Moto G7 with Syncios Data Transfer

syncios manager Syncios Data Transfer

Syncios Data Transfer is a professional iOS & Android synchronizing tool, which enables you to backup or transfer messages, contacts, call logs, music, video, audio and other files between iOS & Android devices and computer with only few clicks or directly phone-to-phone transfer.

  • Backup phone data and restore in lossless quality.
  • One click phone to phone transfer.
  • Recover data from iTunes/iCloud backup to iOS/Android devices.
  • Multiple brand phones supported: Apple, Samsung, HTC, Sony, MOTOROLA, LG, HUAWEI, ZTE, Xiaomi and more.

Syncios Data Transfer supports to transfer different kinds of data between Samsung and Moto G7 directly. Contacts, SMS, call history, photo library, pictures, audio file, video file, apps and calendar are all able to transfer.

Step 1Initially, download and install Syncios Data Transfer on computer. Launch it and connect both Samsung device and Moto G7 to computer. Choose 'Transfer' module (which is chosen by default). You can use Wi-Fi connection but please ensure that only when your Androids and computer have access to the same network can Wi-Fi connection works. Or you can just connect with USB cable. Check if Moto G7 is on the RIGHT-TARGET side. After all is done, click 'Next' for next operation.

transfer data from Samsung to Moto G7 step 1

Step 2In this part, you can pick desired data to transfer. If you want to transfer all of them, just check 'Select All' at the top right corner. For someone prefer to swipe off useless data before transfer can check 'Clear Data Before Copy'. Then click 'Next' to launch the process.

transfer data from Samsung to Moto G7 step 2

transfer data from Samsung to Moto G7 step 3

Tips: If you encounter any detection problem during the process, please check our Android tutorial for help.

Method 2. Selectively Transfer Samsung Data to Moto G7 with Syncios Manager

syncios manager Syncios Mobile Manager

Syncios Mobile Manager is an easy-to-use and powerful iOS & Android Mobile manager, which is well-designed for users who want to manage device contents on PC. It allows you to export contacts, apps, photos, music, ringtone, videos, SMS messages, eBooks and more.

  • Support to transfer, edit, backup, manage, view mobile data.
  • Download videos from 100+ video sharing sites.
  • Handy tools: Audio converter, video converter, ringtone maker, etc.

Syncios Manager is designed for someone prefer to transfer certain items between computer and device. This doesn't mean you can't transfer data between Samsung and Moto G7, look at our passage to learn how it works.

First of all, please download and install Syncios Manager on your computer. In this part, we need to export Samsung data to computer first then import them back on Moto G7. We will use text-messages as demonstration.

Export Samsung SMS to computer

Connect Samsung device to computer first, then choose 'SMS' option on the left side. After the synchronize process has finished, all messages of your Samsung device will list on screen by timeline. You can select desired text messages and click 'Backup' to make a backup. Choose the saving path and click 'Backup' to launch.

backup samsung sms

Import Samsung SMS to Moto G67

Now you can connect Moto G7 to computer. Still choose 'SMS' option then click 'Recover' button. The Samsung SMS backup which you've just backed up earlier is list on it. Simply choose it and click 'OK' to restore them back on Moto G7.

restore samsung sms to moto g7

Tips: If you encounter any detection problem during the process, please check our Android tutorial for help.


Above, we both introduced how to one-click and selectively transfer data from Samsung to Moto G7. With Syncios, you won't have trouble in moving data between mobile phones. Here we highly recommend Syncios Manager which has Syncios Data Transfer built in. What's more, it supports video downloader and ringtone maker.