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5 Ways to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Chats to iPhone 12

WhatsApp is installed almost on every mobile device for people around the world. But you have installed Kik and Viber instead, you are also provided easy ways to recover Kik and Viber. As one of the WhatsApp users, you may delete WhatsApp messages by mistake or sue to an issue on your phone. It should be a serious concern since all chats seem like they are important. You may find they are useful later even if you delete them for insufficient space before. What can you do to recover them?

A good news comes! You can recover deleted WhatsApp chats and attachments with ease after reading this post. Before new data overwrites old data, you can most likely recover those chats successfully. So go through this tutorial now to learn how to recover deleted WhatsApp messages on your iPhone 12 without overwriting all existing data. What's more, we’ll then teach you how to make an advanced WhatsApp backup regularly to ensure you never lose any of your WhatsApp messages again.

restore deleted whatsapp messages to iPhone 12

Solution 1: Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages to iPhone 12 without Any Backup (No Overwriting)

Not all users will create a backup in advance. It's not a good habit. But if you have no backup, to achieve optimal results, you need help from recovery tool like Syncios Data Recovery. It's the only way to recover the deleted files. What more, unlike restoring backup via iTunes and iCloud, it will not overwrite the existing data on your iPhone 12. All deleted messages will be merged with the existing data instead of replacing them.

Syncios Data Recovery
Syncios Data Recovery:
  • 3 recovery modes to retrieve data from your iDevice, iTunes backup and iCloud backup.
  • Recover photos, messages, contacts, Kik, Viber, WhatsApp data and etc.
  • Preview what you've found before performing recovery.
  • You can choose to extract the scanned data to PC or put them back to device.
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Step 1Connect iPhone 12 to Computer and Scan Data.

Are you going to run this app on Windows PC or Mac? Choosing the right version to download and install is the important step. And more importantly, download the right app via the downloading buttons above. Otherwise you can't open it normally.

After you start this recovery tool properly, you are able to connect your iPhone 12 to computer via USB connection. Keep the connected iPhone 12 unlocked this period until you see a message says that you can choose to trust this computer or not. Tap Trust to make sure all files from your phone could be loaded. Any detection problem, please check here.

connect iPhone 12 to syncios data recovery

Step 2Select WhatsApp Chats and Attachments to Recover.

After your phone is connected successfully, tap Start button under the device. Then you can choose contents you need to recover. Just tick off WhatsApp and WhatsApp Attachments for a recovery to WhatsApp. Click on Next then Syncios will start loading deleted files and existing data at the same time.

recover iPhone 12 WhatsApp messages

Step 3Preview and Recover Deleted WhatsApp to iPhone 12.

Go to WhatsApp and WhatsApp Attachments, you can see all chats and media attachments in detail here. Turn on the Only display the deleted items option above all contents when you need to check deleted files only. Choose deleted files you need then choose Recover to Computer or Recover to iPhone 12.

Now wait for a while, Syncios will recover all selected WhatsApp chats and attachments to your computer or iPhone 12. If you choose to recover to iPhone 12, the phone will reboot after the recovery. Do not disconnect your phone and wait till Syncios prompts that your recovery is successful. Then you can check WhatsApp on your iPhone 12 now.

select iPhone 12 WhatsApp messages to recover

Solution 2: Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages from iTunes Backup (No Overwriting)

If you are an iTunes user, you will know all data will be overwritten after restoring an iTunes backup to your iOS device. But with Syncios Data Recovery, you can restore iTunes backup to your iPhone 12 without data overwriting. You will not lose the existing data after importing a new backup. So if you want to retrieve WhatsApp data from an iTunes backup, you can follow this solution. It would be more helpful. Let's check detailed steps below.

Step 1Choose the iTunes Backup File.

If you have installed Syncios Data Recovery, you will see another recovery mode on the main interface, Recover from iTunes Backup File. Choose this mode and connect your iPhone 12 to computer with a USB cable.

All saved iTunes backup on computer will be loaded by Syncios and make a list. Choose one backup with saved WhatsApp messages, then click on Start to scan this backup.

recover iPhone 12 WhatsApp messages from iTunes backup

Step 2Select Desired Contents from iTunes Backup.

See what you can get from an iTunes backup: camera roll, photo stream, app photos, app videos, contacts, messages, call history, WhatsApp, Kik, Viber, notes, calendar, reminders, safari bookmark, voice memo, app document and etc. But when you only need to recover WhatsApp and WhatsApp Attachments, you'd better only choose them at once in case there is no enough storage on your iPhone 12. After the selection, navigate to Next option. Syncios will start loading deleted and existing WhatsApp files.

recover iPhone 12 WhatsApp messages from iTunes backup

Step 3Recover Deleted WhatsApp from iTunes Backup.

Here you are able to preview all chats and attachments in detail. Go through and find deleted files you need. Then choose to Recover to Computer. Do not disconnect your iPhone 12 unless Syncios says the recovery is successful. You phone will reboot and refresh all data. After that, open WhatsApp to check now.

select iPhone 12 WhatsApp messages to recover from iTunes backup

Video Tutorial - How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp to iPhone

Solution 3: Get Deleted WhatsApp Messages Back When Set up A New iPhone

When you get a new iPhone 12, restoring data from an old backup is an optimal option. But for users who are reading this tutorial, they are most likely interested in how to recover deleted WhatsApp files instead set up a new phone. But actually, this is an option. If you are a new user of iPhone 12, and you stored all old WhatsApp chats and attachments to iCloud, now you can set up your iPhone 12 again and restore those backup files to your new iPhone 12. If you want to recover deleted WhastApp without any backup, you can follow solution 1 in this article.

Step 1: Prepare to Set Up a New iPhone 12

Before all starts, you need to know all data and settings will be erased after performing an initial setup. So this method could be more acceptable when set up a new iPhone. If you are setting a new iPhone 12 or you don't care the existing data on your iPhone 12, just skip to step 2. If not, you'd better try other solutions.

Step 2:Restore WhatsApp from iCloud Backup

Check if you have auto backup on the old iOS device firstly by going to Settings > Chat > Chat backup. If you own an iCloud backup that you are sure you can use it to restore your deleted WhatsApp, unlock your iPhone 12 to perform its initial setup.

Follow instructions provided by Apple, and while setting up backup and restore service, you need to choose to restore an iCloud backup. Simply sign in with the same iCloud account and choose the latest backup where your WhatsApp data is stored to restore.

restore whatsapp messages to iPhone 12 from icloud backup

Step 3:Check WhatsApp on iPhone 12

It takes a while, you need to make sure your phone is fully charged and the Wi-Fi connection is stable. After a while, all contents from the selected iCloud backup will be synced to your new iPhone 12. Just open WhatsApp on your iPhone 12, if you have not installed WhatsApp yet, get one from app store.

At the start-up interface of WhatsApp, you will be required to verify by using your phone number. Just link with phone number you used before and it will automatically detect the existing backup and would allow you to restore it. Follow the instructions provided by WhatsApp to set up. Then you will get all WhatsApp from that old iCloud backup.

Solution 4: Turn on iCloud to Sync Old WhatsApp Data to iPhone 12

For most of iOS users, they have uploaded data to iCloud server automatically. Because on your iPhone or iPad, the iCloud backup service will turn on after the logging in. So a lot of iOS users choose to recover data from iCloud backup when they lost some important files. This method is also provided to retrieve WhatsApp from an old iCloud backup. But there is a little difference. You don't need to erase all data and settings on your iPhone 12 after a new set up. You can sync WhatsApp data to your iPhone 12 via the same Apple ID. But note it will overwrite the existing chats on your iPhone 12. If you don't want to lose any chats, you need to follow solution 1, solution 2 and solution 5 in this article.

Step 1: Uninstall WhatsApp from iPhone 12

If the backup taken on your old device before and from that backup you can get access to your deleted WhatsApp, then this restore will work. You need to uninstall WhatsApp from the old device or log out your account from WhatsApp. Otherwise it will not work either.

Step 2:Sync WhatsApp to iPhone 12

Now get both old iOS device and iPhone 12, and sign in with the same Apple ID. Go to Setting to sign in. Make sure you have turned on iCloud backup options of WhatsApp. Then install WhatsApp on iPhone 12 and launch it. Enter the same phone number that was registered before when setting up WhatsApp on iPhone 12. You will be prompted to restore your previous chats. Just tap on Restore Chat History to restore all past conversations on iPhone 12.

restore whatsapp messages to iPhone 12 from whatsapp icloud backup

Solution 5: Merge WhatsApp Backup with Existing WhatsApp Data (No Overwriting to Existing Data)

I don't want to share this method because it's may be hard to understand. But actually, for some users need to restore data from backups, this is a great solution. It can help you to merge WhatsApp data from old device or backup with existing data on your iPhone 12. It will not overwrite your existing WhatsApp. Briefly, we just need three steps.

Now we can check detailed instructions below. Follow us you can get this job done easily.

Step 1:Backup Existing WhatsApp Data on iPhone 12

Now, we start creating a full backup of your existing WhatsApp chats on iPhone 12. We could not backup without any help. Because if we don't want to overwrite WhatsApp data later, the only way is to get a backup tool. Two options are available.

★ Option 1. Backup Existing WhatsApp Chats Selectively

Download and install Syncios Mobile Manager Free Version on your computer. Windows version and Mac version are available. Then get your iPhone 12 connected to computer via its USB cable. When iPhone 12 is recognized, you will see all contents on the main interface. Follow this tutorial if you could not connect your iPhone 12 properly.

To backup WhatsApp, go to Information tab and find WhatsApp tab. Tap this option to load all WhatsApp from your iPhone 12. Now all details are displayed here. Go through all chats and choose chats you need to backup via a Backup button. Set a proper saving path before backing up. Soon after, you will get a full WhatsApp backup of iPhone 12 on computer.

backup iPhone 12 whatsapp to pc

★ Option 2. Backup Existing WhatsApp Chats Directly

Download and install Syncios Mobile Manager Ultimate Version on computer (Why Ultimate>>). Launch this tool and connect iPhone 12 to computer via USB cable. If you are in the main interface already, you can go to Toolkit on the top menu bar directly. Under this column, many handy tools, ringtone maker, audio converter, video converter, file system, iTunes library and more, are able to use. We need "Phone Transfer" tool this time.

Launch this "Phone Transfer" tool, we can see three modes: Transfer, Restore, Backup. Choose Backup mode to backup phone to PC. On the lower right of backup interface, you can change the backup path. When it's done, click on Next button. Deselect Select All option on the upper right and just tick off WhatsApp and WhatsApp Attachments. Click on Next to load data. After that, to start the backup process, click on Next one more time. Check the backup folder to see if the backup is successful.

backup iPhone 12 whatsapp to pc

Step 2:Restore Old WhatsApp Data to iPhone 12

As we mentioned above in solution 3 and solution 4, you can learn how to restore old WhatsApp data from iCloud backup during set-up or sync old WhatsApp data via a same Apple ID. Follow detailed steps in solution 3 and solution 4 to restore WhatsApp data to iPhone 12 from iCloud backup, then we will move to the next step to restore the new backup we just created to our iPhone 12. It won't overwrite files on your iPhone 12, but merge with the existing files.

restore whatsapp messages to iPhone 12 from whatsapp icloud backup

Step 3:Merge New Created Backup with Existing WhatsApp Data on iPhone 12

★ Option 1. Merge New Created WhatsApp Chats Backup with the Old Backup Selectively

If you chose to back up WhatsApp selectively with Syncios Mobile Manager free version, you can open Syncios Mobile Manager and go to Information > WhatsApp again. Here you can find a Recover button, tap it to load all created backups. From the backup list, select the new created backup according to its date and size and click on OK. It should be the top backup generally. Then start restoring. Syncios will restore the backup to your iPhone 12 without overwriting.

restore whatsapp to iPhone 12

★ Option 2. Merge New Created WhatsApp Chats Backup with the Old Backup Directly

If you choose to back up WhatsApp with the "Phone Transfer" tool directly, just open Syncios Mobile Manager Ultimate version and go to Toolkit. Then open "Phone Transfer" tool. On its main interface, navigate to Restore mode. Choose Local Backup to get a backup list. From this list you need to choose the backup you just made and click OK to close this pop-up window. Then go to the next step.

Deselect Select All option on the upper right and just tick off WhatsApp and WhatsApp Attachments. Click on Next to load data. After that, click on Next one more time to start the restore process. Syncios will merge the backup with the data on your iPhone 12, instead of replacing it.

Now, I believe you've got both old backup and new created backup. In fact, it's the safest way to get your deleted WhatsApp messages from old backup. You will not be worried about losing the existing WhatsApp chats.

restore whatsapp to iPhone 12

Notes: Make a regular backup of mobile device is the best way to avoid data loss. So it's recommended to backup your phone right now. Since you know how to use the comprehensive Syncios Mobile Manager, you have no excuse to do it later😀.


Once you have deleted WhatsApp data accidentally or your phone was broken result in an unavoidable data loss, you need to take action quickly, otherwise all data will be overwritten after some time. It can be a serious concern and many relevant conversations and files have been lost forever because people have not been aware of the solutions available. Read this tutorial to learn those solutions in case you need them. And more importantly, make a full backup regularly. If you need Syncios Data Recovery and Syncios Mobile Manager Ultimate at the same time, you can check the special offer we give below. If this guide helps, please share it with your friends.