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Transfer Data from Old iPad to New iPad (iPad Pro, iPad Mini 4)

Finally, you bought yourself a brand new iPad Pro, but now what might rack your brain is, how to transfer your favorite songs, apps, movies, ebooks and lots of other useful data from old iPad to your brand new iPad. Here we will walk you through the process and achieve the simple iPad to iPad transfer with tutorials.

In the following iPad to iPad transfer tutorials, we will show you how to transfer data from old iPad to your brand new iPad with iCloud and iTunes. And we will introduce non-Apple way as well, with Syncios iPad Transfer. Off course, each way has its pluses and its minuses, which we will also walk you through.

Key Features of iPad to PC Transfer

1. Transfer iPad Data with iTunes

The original way is to open your iTunes. By doing so, you can transfer iPad data to your new iPad via local hard drive of your PC. But we all know that iTunes is too heavy and clumsy. It often takes up much of the CPU usage and slow down everything in PC. And data transfer speed is rather slow. The backup file just contains parts of the iPad data, not all of them. There is also an erasing function during synchronization. People will often get their data erased when they forget to disable this function.

transfer iPod to PC in windows

1. Connect old iPad to PC — Launch iTunes (To prevent erasing data from iPad, click to "Edit > Preferences > Devices" and check the option "Prevent iPod, iPhone, iPad from syncing automatically") and connect the old iPad to the computer.

2. Backup old iPad — Click the name of your iPhone from the iTunes menu on the top right. Then choose "Back Up". Let the iPad backup finish within iTunes, keep iTunes open but disconnect the old iPad from the computer.

3. Restore new iPad from iTunes — Turn the new iPad on. At the "Set Up iPad" screen choose "Restore from iTunes Backup" then tap "Next".

4. Connect new iPad — Connect the iPad to the computer and within iTunes choose the most recent backup from the restore menu.

5. Transfer data to new iPad via iTunes — Click "Continue" and let the restore via iTunes take place, do not disconnect the iPad until the transfer is completed and the iPad has rebooted.

Note: The backup doesn’t contain your music, your movies. The restore will put back, what is part of the backup. Other things will need to sync to restore to the new iPad.

2. Transfer iPad Data with iCloud

With iCloud, you can store your files, music, apps, etc. on one iPad and retrieve it on another without PC. iCloud is a way far better than iTunes for its all-dimensions data backup, anytime, anywhere. You can do your iPad to iPad transfer at high speed with fast connection. But it's not without flaws.

  • (1)Both of your iPad need to be with iOS 5 or later;
  • (2)Service is unavailable without Wifi;
  • (3)You have only 5 GB space and need to pay for the exceeded part. If you download music or files from other sources, you will also need to pay for storage;
  • (4)Very slow for apps transferring;
  • (5)There is file security and private risk under remote environment.
Transfer iPad with iCloud

1. Set up iCloud — Have iCloud set up on both of your iPad.

2. Find backup setting — Launch "Settings" and tap on iCloud on old iPad, then tap on "Storage & Backup".

3. Initiate iCloud backup — Tap on "Back Up Now" to initiate a manual iCloud back up. Wait till the backup finished.

4. Restore from iCloud Backup — At the "Set Up iPad" screen on your new iPad, choose "Restore from iCloud Backup" and tap "Next".

5. Retrieve data from new iPad — Login to your iCloud account and choose the most recent backup from the old iPad you just made. Tap on "Restore" to transfer the data from the old iPad backup to the new iPad.

3. Transfer iPad Data with Syncios iPad Transfer

If you are tired of Apple ways of transferring and want a faster iPad to iPad transfer via your own PC, then Syncios iPad Transfer can be a good alternative. Unlike iTunes, Syncios iPad Transfer is a lite software that specially designed for iPad data transfer. You can have your app, music, photos, movie, ebook, iTunesU, voice memo, contacts and other iPad data perfectly transferred without Wifi. It fully supports all iOS and all iPad models then you don't need to upgrade your old iPad iOS. The only drawback is that the Mac version is currently unavailable. You need to run it on Windows PC.

Transfer iPad Data with Syncios iPad Transfer

1. Install Syncios iPad Transfer — Download and install Syncios iPad Transfer on your computer.

Win Version
Mac Version

2. Connect old iPad to PC — Plug your old iPad into your PC with USB cable, then start up Syncios iPad Transfer.

3. Transfer old iPad Files to PC — Choose either file type like Media, Photos, Apps or else under iPad. Press "Shift" and select all files listed on the panel, then click "Export" and choose backup location in your PC. Click "OK" to backup files from old iPad to your own PC. Wait till the needed backup completed then disconnect old iPad.

4. Connect the new iPad to PC — Plug your new iPad into PC. Go to correspondent file type. Click "Import" to browse to the exact location where you store the old iPad files. Press "Shift" and select all files, then click "Open".

Tips: You can individually transfer Movie, Music, Photo, Ebook, App, Contacts, Notes, Audiobook, etc. from old iPad to new iPad. With the same method, you can also share data from iPod to iPad or iPhone to iPad.

4: Moving old iPad Data to new iPad Pro, iPad Mini 4 within 1 Click

Step 1. Download and install Syncios Data Transfer to your computer

Win Version
Mac Version

Launch the program after installation, you will be able to see the main interface of the program. Hit the Transfer button to enter Phone to Phone Transfer module.

Note: Make sure iTunes has been installed on your computer first.

Syncios data transfer

Step 2. Conenct your two iPad to your computer

Connect both your old iPad and new iPad Pro or iPad mini 4 with USB cables to your computer. When the devices are recognized successfully, the information of the both devices will be displayed in the main interface.

Transfer data from old ipad to new iPad Pro

Step 3. Start to transfer data from your old iPad to your new iPad Pro, iPad mini 4

All the files will be seen between your two devices, you are able to transfer the files as you will. Just check the files you want and hit the button Next. Then just wait for the whole transferring process to the end. Of course, you can check the transferring process in the progress bar.


In all, there are 4 different ways to backup and transfer data from old iPad to new iPad for free. You can choose between iCloud, iTunes, and Syncios iPad Transfer according to your home network condition or personal preferences. But if you feel unconformtable about backup data with iCloud and also want to run away from the "overweight" iTunes, then Syncios iPad Transfer will be the best alternative that suits your needs.

Tips: Syncios Mananger now supports also Android device, which helps you to transfer, backup, edit Android data on computer easier.

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