Syncios Products FAQs & Troubleshooting

Syncios Data Recovery FAQs

1. What are the limitations of the trial version for Syncios Data Recovery

The main difference between the free trial version and the full version is the free trial version will only allow you to scan the iOS device to preview the lost data. It's a good chance to see whether our program suits your needs. While in the full version, you can fully use all features of Syncios Data Recovery. With it, you can preview all your deleted data and recover it selectively.

If you already have a license, follow this guide to register.

2. How can I recover my iPhone data?

You can follow the steps below to recover all the accidently deleted, or lost files on iPhone.

Solution 1. Recover lost data from iPhone directly

  • Launch Syncios Data Recovery and connect your iPhone to computer.
  • Select the file types you want to recover and start to scan the iPhone.
  • Preview and recover your files selectively.
  • Solution 2. Recover iPhone data from iCloud

  • Launch Syncios Data Recovery and sign in your iCloud account.
  • Select data type to download from iCloud.
  • Preview the backup content and recover iCloud data to iPhone selectively.
  • Solution 3. Recover iPhone data from iTunes backup

  • Launch Syncios Data Recovery and connect your iPhone to computer.
  • Select the iTunes backup and start to scan it.
  • Preview the files and recover iTunes data to iPhone selectively.

  • 3. What kind of data can I recover using Syncios Data Recovery?

    With Syncios Data Recovery, you can easily get back lost Notes, Photos, App photo, App Videos, Messages, Contacts, Call History, Safari Bookmark, Voice Memos, WhatsApp, Viber, Kik and other important files from your iOS device in minutes

    4. Can you guarantee to retrieve my deleted data?

    We get similar inquiries frequently. Actually, the answer is "It depends". When a file is deleted on iPhone/iPad, the system only removes its entry in the file system. The memory on the iPhone that saves the deleted file is marked as free space and can be overwritten by new data. So, before your deleted data is overwritten, you still have the chance to get them back with Syncios data recovery software.

    5. Can Syncios Data Recovery recover data from iCloud backup?

    It currently doesn't support this feature but you can look forward the further update. In fact, all the iPhone data recovery programs in the market are not able to access data in iCloud backup now because Apple changed the encryption methods for iCloud backups and for users who set up two-step verification. However, Syncios Data Recovery now supports to download data from

    6. What is the difference in recovering data from iTunes backup between Syncios Data Recovery and iTunes?

    Syncios Data Recovery supports to preview the content of the iTunes backup, selectively extract and recover iPhone data from iTunes backup without restoring, the current phone data will not be wiped which iTunes cannot do.

    7. Can I recover iPhone data after factory reset?

    If the device has been restored to factory settings, which means the data was deleted permanently. Due to technical barrier, there is no software could recover data from iOS device directly after factory reset, so does Syncios Data Recovery. Fortunately, if you have backups in iTunes, then Syncios Data Recovery can help you to recover data from iTunes. The advantages of using Syncios Data Recovery to extract data from iTunes backup are that you can view backup files and selective restore data as you like, and recoverd data will merge with your current phone data .

    8. The pictures are all thumbnails, how to make them in full size?

    The recovered images are only the size of thumbnails, because the original full resolution images are overwritten. Due to technical barrier, there is no software could recover the original full resolution images.

    9. How to recover photos after deleted from recently deleted?

    It is a pity to tell that it is impossible to recover photos by scanning iOS device directly after deleted from the recently deleted album. If you have a backup file beforehand, then Syncios Data Recovery supports to scan iTunes backup file for data recovery.

    10. Why there is no data found when recovering from an iOS device?

    Sometimes, you may see a message "Your filter is empty, please reset conditions". This usually means there is no recoverable data on your phone. Recover from iOS Device mode may fail to find your lost data because the deleted data have been overwritten by other new data. If you encounter this situation, here are our suggestions:

    1. Please try to scan from iTunes backup or iCloud and find lost data from these backups.

    2. You can also backup your iOS data regularly with Syncios Data Tranfer to avoid data losing in future.

    11. Why does it show "unknown contact" when I recover messages?

    Syncios Data Recovery helps bring your lost messages back, together with all related info, like message date and the contact. But when both message string and contact are deleted, it would be less possible to recover related message date or contact information. Thus, many messages may show “unknown contact“ when you recover them. To find your lost message and contact info at the best chance, please try to look through the whole message list to find the contact info you need under other related contents.

    12. Will the lost data be recovered to computer or to iOS device?

    This program supports to recover all type of data to computer. You can set up the output format and path in Settings before recovery.

    Syncios Data Recovery supports to recover all lost data to your device except: app photo, app video, app document, calendar, reminders. You can only recover these files to your computer.

    13. What to do if I got the prompt "No enough disk space, please free up disk.

    If you got this prompt once you start to scan your device or backup, please go to Setting window to change the default Backup location folder from C: driver to another available drive.

    Click Settings Button button on the upper right corner of the main window and click Settings to make change Syncios default settings.

    syncios data recovery Settings

    14. What to do if I get "Analyze is unsuccessful" error.

    If you encounter the "Analyze is unsuccessful" error, you can check the following settings.

    1. Unlock the device If there is Screen Lock password.
    2. Make sure that you installed the latest version of iTunes, you can reinstall it then try again. If there is any fault in iTunes it will impact the success rate of device analysis.
    3. If your iTunes backup files have been encrypted, remove the password on the iTunes backup file.
    4. For iOS 7 devices, please tap "trust" on your device to authorize this PC
    trust this computer

    Then refer to the following tips to see if they will resolve the fault.

    • Check that the USB connection is well seated, disconnect and reconnect it, try an alternative USB port and lead is possible.
    • Restart your iPhone and computer.
    • Change to another computer if possible.
    • Disconnect all other USB connections.
    • Close any anti-virus software if you have it running.
    • If still can not fix, please run Syncios Data Recovery, go to Menu > Open log, find Logs folder, and send all the logs to our support team. We will analyze and help you fix it as soon as possible.

    15.What to do if I get Syncios Data Recovery can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer error.

    When installing Syncios Data Recovery on Mac Mountain Lion & Mavericks, you may get the aforementioned error dialog saying that "Syncios Data Recovery can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer", just as it shows below:

    Syncios can't be opened

    This is because Mac OS includes new features to improve security for users. One of the new default options prevents users from being able to install or launch applications that are not downloaded from the Mac App Store, or that have not been digitally signed by the developers.

    To install Syncios Data Recovery on Mac Mountain Lion & Mavericks, you should follow the steps below:

    1. Go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy.
    2. Click the lock icon in the lower-left corner and enter your administrator username and password to make change.
    3. Under "Allow applications downloaded from", select "Anywhere"
    Allow applications downloaded from anywhere

    Click the lock to prevent further changes. After that, you can launch and run Syncios Data Recovery on your Mac OS normally.

    Note: You can change the security setting back to "Mac App Store and identified developers"or "Mac App Store" as desired, for improved security.

    16. How do I recover data from a dead iPhone?

    To recover data from a dead/broken iPhone, you'll need the help of a third-party software like Syncios. Follow the steps below to recover data from a dead iPhone.

  • Launch Syncios and connect your dead iPhone to the computer via USB cable.
  • If the iPhone can be recognized by the computer, use Syncios to scan your iPhone directly. If the phone can't be detected at all, use Syncios to scan your iTunes/iCloud backup file.
  • Preview the data on the dead iPhone and save them to your computer.

  • 17. Why Syncios can not read my iTunes backup on Mac 10.14?

    Here are steps you need to follow in order to grant Full Disk Acess:

    1. Open the Security & Privacy Preference Pane in the System Preferences application.

    2. Click on the Privacy tab and then click on Full Disk Access in the categories list.

    security & privacy

    3. Click the padlock in the lower-left corner to allow changes.

    4. Click the + button to add an application.

    5. Navigate to where you installed Syncios Data Recovery (e.g./Applications), select it and click the open button.

    Full Disk Acess

    18. What should I do if I haven't received downloading link?

    1. Syncios Data Recovery for Win - Please download and install the latest Syncios Data Recovery Windows version from here

    2. Syncios Data Recovery for Mac - Please download and install the latest Syncios Data Recovery Mac version from here

    19. How do I run the recovery program on my iPhone?

    There are numerous iPhone data recovery Apps out there which claim to be able to recover lost data on iOS devices. After we test most of them, actually none of them can do that. Most importantly, after the data is deleted on the phone, it's better not to download any new Apps or even use the phone before you get back the data, to avoid the lost data being overwritten. So, we recommend you to download the Syncios data recovery program on your desktop and connect the iPhone to computer to recover your data.

    20. Why Syncios takes so long to scan my phone?

    The scanning time depends on many factors and among all the factors, the total file size and file types have the biggest impact. If there are a lot of message attachments, third-party App attachments, it will make the scanning much slower. You can try the following tips to speed up the scanning process.

  • Choose only the file types you need and scan the phone again.
  • If you have iTunes/iCloud backup, it’s recommended to try Recover from iTunes backup file and Recover from the iCloud backup file. It will be much faster in these two modes.

  • 21. What to do if the program freeze or crash?

    Some customer feedback Syncios Data Recovery may crash or freeze occasionally. If you encounter the crash/freeze problem, please help us to fix it by follow suggestions below::

  • Restart your iOS device and Syncios Data Recovery to run it again.
  • If problem persists, please send a log file to our Support Team. It's easy to send the log file: open Syncios Data Recovery, click the Menu tab, click "Open log file" and send all the log files under Logs folder to us as attachment.
  • 3. If PhoneRescue crashes/freezes constantly and is unable to launch anymore, please send us your log file manually.
    For Windows computer, please go to folder: C:\Users\Your computer name\AppData\Roaming\Syncios Data Recovery\logs and send the file in the folder to us as attachment.
    For Mac computer, please open Finder > Go > Go to Folder > Enter: ~/Library/Application Support/Syncios Data Recovery/Logs/ and send the files in the folder to us as attachment.

  • 22. If iPhone screen is black or unresponsive, can I recover my data from iOS device?

    Yes, Syncios Data Recovery supports to extract data from your broken device directly. If the computer can still recognize your iPhone, you can recover data directly from iOS device. Besides, what sets this program apart is that if the first mode fails you, it allows you to recover data from iTunes/iCloud in addition to restoring your data from the iOS device itself.

    23. Can I recover data from a password locked iOS device?

    If you have trusted the computer on which Syncios Data Recovery is working, from the iOS device, and the iOS device hasn't been restarted since that, Syncios Data Recovery can probably connect with the device and recover data from it. Even if the program cannot connect with the locked iOS device, it can help recover data from iTunes/iCloud.

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